Who We Are


Who We Are


"Webb Group International Is A Verb"

Webb Group International has more than 50 years experience of working with and solving problems for city government, county government and state government, and a wide variety of clients. The boutique firm was founded in 2003 by former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb following his 12 years as the leader of the Mile High City. Under his administration, Denver International Airport was completed and opened; downtown Denver was revitalized with vibrant residential and commercial foundations; he added more park and open space than any mayor in history; and oversaw the passage of numerous bond issues, which expanded the arts, culture and professional sports venues in the heart of the city. Mayor Webb opened up airport concessions for women and minority-owned businesses and helped pass laws to promote small businesses while also protecting smart growth citywide.

His mayoral peers nationwide chose him as the only mayor in U.S. history to serve as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National Conference of Democratic Mayors and the National Conference of Black Mayors. Prior to his mayoral first term in 1991, Wellington Webb was elected as Denver's Auditor, oversaw agencies under Colorado Governor Richard Lamm and U.S. President Jimmy Carter and was elected as a representative in the Colorado State Legislature.

With that vast knowledge of local, state and federal government, Mr. Webb assembled a team at Webb Group which expands on his experience and provides clients with a complete roadmap to success. Their backgrounds working with city government, state legislatures, Congress and the media hit all avenues to bring a project to a successful destination. They understand the workings of government - including knowing who to contact, how to approach an issue, how to propose solutions, close a deal and promote the project through social media and blogs, traditional media and minority-owned media.

And when we say we are Webb Group International we back that up with staff trained as interpreters in Spanish, Chinese and Cambodian. Webb Group is ready to assure our clients' success.

Our areas of expertise include urban economic development and revitalization, airports, public transportation and tourism, supplier diversity, EEOC compliance, public affairs and client representation in Washington, D.C.

A few of Webb Group's clients include: Parsons Engineering, Hudson Group, the American Petroleum Institute, Smart Cities, Fentress Architects, Midfield, The Creative Company LLC NYS Collect Eyewear, DSW Solutions (a consulting firm whose three principals are Doug Palmer, former mayor of Trenton, N.J; Shirley Franklin, former mayor of Atlanta; and Wellington Webb, former Denver mayor), Midfield Development, National Education Association, CMTS, Boulder Apps, MWH Americas, DCI Group, Beumer, Raise the Bar, and the American Beverage Institute.

Areas of Expertise

Working with mayors and city officials to build and finance hotels and convention centers

Management of convention centers and other public facilities

Public airports


Revitalizing downtowns

Client representation in Washington, D.C.

Helping cities pass affirmative action ordinances, based on a similar law in Denver, which was reviewed and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court

Working to draft, approve or defeat state and municipal ballot initiatives

Experience navigating municipal, county and state government rules and regulations

Addressing zoning issues

Staff trained as interpreters in Spanish, Chinese and Cambodian

Projects Wellington Webb oversaw during his three terms as Denver's mayor from 1991 to 2003:

Construction and opening of the $4 billion Denver International Airport

Redevelopment of the former Stapleton Airport into a residential development with 12,000 home and more than 13 million square-feet for commercial.
The project was awarded the "Stockholm Partnership Award for Sustainability" by the King of Sweden.

Improved the city's bond rating from a general fund of AA in 1991 to AA+ in 2003, and Denver International Airport rating of BBB- in 1991 to A in 2003.

The $300 million expansion of the Colorado Convention Center and negotiating for a new 1,100-room hotel.

The $22 million upgrade of the nationally-recognized Red Rocks Amphitheatre and $75 million facelift for the historic Denver Auditorium.

Negotiations to keep Denver's professional sports teams -Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets - in the city for at least 25 years and their new venues located near downtown Denver.

Won voters' support for other numerous bond issues, including $96 million for neighborhood and park improvements; $148 million to expand Denver Health Medical Center; and $125 million to expand the Denver Art Museum and for improvements at the Denver Zoo.